Payment must be made upon confirmation of the order. You can select from the following types of payment on the website:

  • Bank or postal transfer: it generally takes up to 2 working days for the amount to be effectively credited to the current account.

The bank transfer must be made to (current account registered to RIPA SPA):


IBAN IT03B0511655120000000000001 


  • PayPal (
  • Credit card (Unicredit platform of BANCA  VALSABBINA - AG. ROE’ VOLCIANO)



All our orders are shipped within the EU* territory (all countries), and in non-EU territory**,  (Switzerland/United Kingdom) by the express courier DB SCHENKER, and by CORRIERE FRANCO (ONE EXPRESS Circuit) in Italy.

* service limited to some locations only; please check if your location is covered by entering your postal code

** We remind you that for non-EU countries we apply the customs duties costs for any order quantity

We remind you that the shipping service is inclusive of discharge with tail lift*** to roadside, insurance and telephone notice with unloading day to be agreed. For any other service, please contact customer service at the email address to get customised quotes.

*** The discharge with tail lift is not guaranteed with the sizes 100x250, 160x160,  120x240/250/260, 120x270/278, 100x300, 160x320 for logistical reasons. In case of order, it is therefore necessary for the customer to provide a forklift or crane for unloading at the delivery address indicated. In case of failed delivery due to lack of suitable means for unloading on site, the client will be charged with the costs for the second delivery.

Delivery times are approximately 15 working days (subject to availability of the material by the supplier). These times could be longer for some products requiring special processes or for some suppliers. An indication of time frames is, however, always given immediately after purchase. Customers can also check availability before proceeding by contacting customer service through the channels provided.

Products are only delivered on weekdays. In days before specific holiday periods, such as the Christmas period or the summer holidays in mid-August, deliveries may vary both in terms of time frames and price.

RI.PA. S.p.A. can not be held responsible for problems resulting from any delay in delivery or loss or damage to the order by the courier.

The quotes indicated refer exclusively to invoicing by RI.PA. S.p.A.

Please remember that, when you receive the goods, you should follow the procedure indicated below:

Important instructions upon receipt of the products.

At the time of delivery of the goods by the courier, it is advisable to check that:

  • the number of packages delivered corresponds to the number indicated on the transport document
  • the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or altered in any way, including the methods of closure (adhesive tape or metal straps)

The courier will call the customer to agree when to deliver the goods, as per the conditions of purchase. Please remember that if the agreed appointment is missed without prior notification by the customer, additional return costs will be charged.

Notification by telephone is not included for ad hoc deliveries within 24/48 hours from collection from the warehouse. The customer is, therefore, invited to consult the tracking number provided and the delivery deadline for the courier in question.

You are kindly requested to check the condition of the pallet and immediately report any visible damage. The courier must counter-sign the verification and written report of any damage by the customer. Failure to do so will void the claim.

In any case, you are requested to SIGN the courier delivery note with the wording SUBJECT TO INSPECTION! (Make sure you do not write this on the copy of the accompanying invoice), in order to avoid the subsequent discovery of non-visible damage.

In the event of broken boxes/tiles, the damage must be communicated, within 7 days (the date shown on the courier's transport document will prevail) enclosing any photographs showing the damage, to the address .

In this case, RI.PA. S.p.A will immediately replace the damaged item (once the deductible for insurance coverage included in the transport cost has been checked).

Once the courier's document has been signed, the Customer cannot contest the appearance and integrity of the goods delivered, so if products are accepted without being subject to inspection, no complaints will be accepted and it will not be possible to initiate the goods replacement procedure.
Any problems related to the products received must be reported no later than 7 days from effective delivery (the date shown on the courier's transport document will prevail).

Detailed photographs are required to prove the damage and demonstrate effective damage to the packaging and/or the contents.

INSURANCE: When the order is delivered, Customers can check that the packaging or materials are not damaged or do not have any external defects. In addition, customers must sign for delivery with the wording “subject to inspection” to take advantage of the insurance. If the product or the package show signs of obvious damage, we recommend that you complete the form provided and do not accept the delivery, returning everything to the courier who will return the product. An email must be sent by the customer to the sales department within 7 days of delivery informing us of the incident (the date shown on the courier's transport document will prevail). Customers should note that RI.PA. S.p.A declines all responsibility for external damage to packaging reported after the order has been accepted.